Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 7, 2008

July 11th means nothing to IT Departments.

July 11th means nothing to IT Departments.
It is July 14 that they should fear.

This Friday, July 11, will be just a normal day for IT departments across Corporate America.  Nothing to see here, move on.  Although off in the distance, the ramifications of this day will ultimately turn their world upside down.  This Friday will mean nothing to those living in their old safe and secure world with thousands of workers at their control.  For this Friday in fact, they have nothing to fear.  However, it is Monday July 14 that they will should be loosing sleep over.  Their firewall of control and security is about to come crashing down.

This week, IT departments and helps desks will have a hectic and busy week.  The majority of the workers will be returning from the holiday weekend.  Many will have taken extra time, perhaps the entire week off.  This mean that ‘tech gurus’ of Corporations will be in high gear for the rise in call volume from users.  The majority of users will be locked out of their network computers after failing three times to spell their pet’s name associated with their spouse’s birthday.  Of course, before the third time, they will be frantically searching through the rubble of papers near their keyboard that has the yellow sticky with the past 5 passwords used (it’s been handled so many times it no longer sticks to the monitor).  They will have no alternative, and will have to make the dreaded call…

For the record, how many of you have help desk greeting services that say;

“Due to an unexpected heavy call volume, the length of your wait may be more than anticipated”.

Let’s set the record straight – this plays every time you call.  Day or night.  24/7.  This has played for the last 8 months.  Are help desks still getting an ‘unexpected call volume’ after 8 months?  If I were a CIO, I would ask WTF?  But then again, many Corporate CIOs are blind as the rest of the crew behind the phone, as for them, July 11 will mean nothing to them as well.  Of course the greetings begins with the standard “Please listen to our menu selections, as our options have changed”.  This message has been playing for the last year.  Do you think it’s time to stop reminding people of this?

So, these help desk weenies will be fielding calls from those locked out of their system, those that can’t find a shared drive, and the eternal ‘network disconnected’ message (the BSOD will sneak in their just to keep the streak going).  Of course, the standard response of ‘we have a number of issues today, but we will be able to take care of you within the hour’ will come across.  This after waiting 15-20 minutes with such wonderful ballads of Starland Vocal Band and Debbie Boon playing on the speaker.

Understand in the background, the “IT Gurus” will be streaming ESPN on their computers, opening more Red Bulls, eating various junk food from the vending machines, and off in the corner, the television playing headlines news.  Yes, very busy.  Ironically, what will be ultimately changing their lives will be what will be flashing all over the media channels that day.  News stations, CNN Headline News, Fox News, RSS Feeds, every single newspaper website will be mentioning the same thing on the 11th.  Of course, the IT department will all be laughing and cracking jokes about the news.

July 11th will be wall to wall coverage of the new iPhone from Apple.  God Phone; Part II.  The 3G Upgrade.  Call it whatever you want – but the impact of this day will turn the computer industry upside down.  The last time a ‘significant’ release of such impact that I can equate would be the release of Windows 95.  The spreadsheet and Excel put Microsoft into Corporate America.  This new version of the iPhone is what will put Apple into Corporate America, and the IT help desk and IT gurus won’t know what hit them. 

Up to this point, CIOs and IT Departments have claimed that the iPhone is a nice ‘gadget’ for personal use, but it has no place in Corporate America.  I recall reading a memo last June just as the iPhone was released from one IT department.  “Security flaws, not safe, will be looked at for future consideration, not authorized for use network, not compatible…blah, blah, blah.  Again, July 11 means nothing to them.  Just wait for the following Monday..

After the weekend following it’s release, Monday will begin like no other.  IT gurus will be at a loss for words when someone high up in the company comes to them and shows them their new iPhone.  It will be a secure device, being able to be wiped out remotely.  It will connect to Corporate mail servers.  It will lock.  It will do everything the Blackberry does, but better.  More efficiently, oh, and productivity can expand ten-fold by putting this into service. What will they ‘IT gurus’ have to say to this now?  Of course, if their CIO still operates in the 1990s, they will have a stay of execution.  But the rest of the country will begin to take leaps and bounds over them as they continue to remain ‘safe’ with their protection of firewall of ‘let’s run everything like it’s last century’.  Yes, life will remain the same for them – as long as someone who means something in their company doesn’t get one of these phones over the weekend.

Understand, that from 1998-2004, the Blackberry had roughly 2 millions units sold from it’s releases.  during that time, it was a gadget, a toy to the geeks.  It was the Nintendo DS or the PSP of handhelds to geeks.  However, once it got the ability to securely connect to a corporate server, it went from Black to Crack.  After that, an addition 12 millions sold (numbers are a rough estimate, but this is near accurate).  The iPhone has sold near 5 million in the first year.  Oh, and this is the model that is not designed for ‘business use’.  Ask how many Crack users have an iPod?  Now ask them if they would like to have them both, so they only have to carry one item?  Oh, and the Crack they loose will be replaced with something far more efficient, advanced, expandable – they would jump at the chance.  In fact, they will probably be in line Friday to make that happen.  Wow, just imagine how many of these Crack Addicts will be playing with their new ‘meth’ next weekend. 

July 11th means nothing to IT Department and Help Desk.  Nothing to fear.  I recommend resting over the weekend.  On July 14, your world will never be the same.  You will welcome the user who needs a password reset.  However, users will be demanding something far more than that come that Monday – and they will soon realize that, like a purchasing a computer, they can make a decision.  Someone with high authority will soon use one these new iPhones, and they, the IT geeks, will have no option but to succumb; and that will be the port opened on their personal little firewall within their world.


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(note: this was posted on July 7, however, as this new blog has been ported over from the old domain, I was asked to bring this over for re-reading).


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