Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 12, 2008

Like Apple, things may be off for a bit…

OK, if all goes as planned, then you arrived here from the main webpage of my domain
Of course, then you are reading this.  My intention with my blog on my website was to keep up-to-date events during deployment.  Life During Duty.

However, the schedule here is not the easiest when it comes to documenting what is happening.  Meetings, galley hours, trying to get to the gym, walking everywhere; oh, and sleep is nice.  By the time I get to sit down and think back what I wanted to blog about, I’m too tired, too busy, or the event has past in my mind.  Not all the cells upstairs are retaining data as they used to.

I mentioned last week on the old blog, the 2.0 upgrade on the iPhone was a game changer.  Well, the TypePad app along with this new blog host will do what I need.  Blog when I want, and keep more up-to-date happenings.  All the same files, etc will be on the main webpage (link to the right), but this will be the main page for blogging during this deployment.  As always, let me know waht you think with a comment or two…


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