Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 13, 2008

A popular hotspot

After hours, this is the norm here at the MWR building. Laptop city. Although we get wi-fi in the CLUs if you have the antenna, this is the place to get a “decent” signal. Problem is, everyone is streaming. WOW, webchats, the bandwidth is maxed out. I’m here waiting for the phones to call home.

One of my “projects” here is to get a better signal for the troops. Problem is tricky;

One side says “funding has to come from x, and there is too much streaming going on anyways, so a boost in bandwidth won’t help”. I can understand that; to a point.

This is the “connected” generation. We are 20 years out now from Al Gore creating the Internet. This is who and what we are. # 1 quality-of-life issue at any base over here: the internet connection.

It’s the first thing most asked about when we landed in Kuwait. Same everywhere. Sure everyone is doing web chats, WOW, MySpace, Facebook, IMs, don’t blame us, blame Al! It’s a challenge.

The other thing often heard is “you could be in a worse place”. Ok, I thought about this one to. Just because I am not home doesn’t mean my family should not be watching hi-def, or eating a good salad (does OG deliver?)

We always should try and improve.


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