Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 13, 2008

Day off

6 on and one off. That is life for 9 months. Today a group of us are going to venture out to the “shopping area” of the town. Outside of outer garments no one would want to wear, or big wooden utensils for decoration, I am not expecting much. I guess if decide to redo your kitchen like Ray Barone’s mother, you are all set. Still, it is a chance to get off base, wear jeans, and take in the culture. Pictures will be coming.

The picture here is one if the many ice chests around base. Water is essential when the temps are daily 120+. Bottled water for free. All you can drink. What a perk! Seriously, without it, most would dehydrate. It is always stocked. Just don’t eat the ice cubes.


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