Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 14, 2008

Soldier’s Angels

I wanted to give thanks to the Soldier’s Angels group today.  Last month, when we left SC after Army Training, we had a huge reception/send-off in the hanger bay waiting for us.  A number of Volunteers where there to greet us, wish us well, say goodbye.  They had a local chapter taking pictures, giving us food and drinks.  Handouts and ‘special packs’.  These included some generous items, including all the small versions of toiletry items.  Another useful item they were giving us were the sand scarfs.  These things were priceless when we got hit with a sandstorm in Kuwait.  Without it, your face felt like it was getting sandblasted.

Their banner link is now proudly displayed here.  If you ever need an organization to support, think about this group.  They work with many organizations supporting us over here.


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