Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 14, 2008

Where is my 2, no $5.00 ?

Nothing like the All-Star Break to remind me to look at stats for the first half.  A certain pitcher has 11 wins.  I had 10 or less.  He has never been a 20 game winner in his 17 years of pitching in the Majors.  Guess who the pitcher is that I lost this bet on? 

Question is now, do I pay the person in cash, iTunes $, or the Djibouti Franc ?   What do you think? As always, comments welcome…



  1. Hi dad –
    I think this is the article you told me to read and i would like the money in ITunes please ( 🙂 ).
    I love all your articles and i miss you beyond words.
    Don’t stop thinking of you,

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