Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 15, 2008

Starbucks – well, as best as you get.

Img_0982Morning coffee.  With the weather the way it is here, I have had more iced coffee than hot. But every now and then, it is worth getting.  This is the Green Beans Coffee House – one of the WiFi hotspots.  “Our” Starbucks.  It works.  Brinks here are reasonably priced.  The frapachinnos are great. I am sure low-cal as well.

Even though I begin transition to Chief next month, and the pinning ceremony is 16SEP – you can forget about one ‘tradition’.  Coffee from the galley.  I had one.  Once.  And only, once.  Wow.  It’s just like it was underway 15 years ago.  What is it with Navy Coffee?  Maybe I got spoiled being in New England with Dunkin’ Donuts.  Not being a snob, but the coffee at the galley is horid.  DD, looking forward to that again.  Right from the counter.  Say all you want, but no matter how you buy the coffee beans from DD (whole, ground, etc) – no matter if you use cold or hot water, cream before or after – it never taste like direct from DD.  Ok, enough talk about missing things from home.  If this keeps up I’ll start on Ken’s Italian Dressing…


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