Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 16, 2008

Movie quandary

Deployment. Events in the States continue  forward. Such as, summer blockbusters;

Iron Man
Get Smart
Incredible Hulk
King Fu Panda

By the time I get home, these will all be on DVD. However, digital downloads have certainly altered movie viewing. Each of those listed are now availble online. Actually, already on hard drives and thumb drives.  Quality is ok. Every now and then a head will walk by. Sound quality is varied. Certainly not "Dolby 5.1".

Do I enjoy them now or wait?

Thoughts anyone?



  1. Do I have to do all your thinking for you….. I’m sure Liam & Kathy are waiting to see them with you when you return safely from duty…. God Speed ! Go Sox! Ca you beleive DREW as MVP of the All Star Game? WOW ! Wonders never cease!

  2. TJ, enjoy now!!! There will be more movie to enjoy later. BTW, I saw Kung Fu Panda, I thought it was OK, not great, not bad. Now in regard to the Incrediable Hulk, didn’t they do that movie 5 years ago, I recall seeing those Hulk “giant”hands in every store. Is Hollywood that short of new ideas?

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