Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 19, 2008

Commercials – I’ll take them

Yes, you read that right.  I will take commercials, please, in between the programming we get here at the galley.  Allow me to explain;

AFN – Armed Forces Network
.  This is the military version of Comcast, I just don’t see a $100 bill every month.  However, I don’t see regular commercials either.  None of the ones seen back home.  Sound great? Let’s take a sample of the last few hours shown:
– suicide prevention
– drinking and driving
– will and power of attorney
– writing to a Congressman
– Blood pressure

Basically, everyone in the military drinks, beats their spouse, drives drunk, drugs, signs away everything, and will soon have a heart attack.  See – every ad here is basically propaganda.  All meant to makes us think of something, do the ‘right thing’, plan ahead, etc.  I know, why rant, what’s wrong with those messages?

They are on 24/7 between every program of what ever is being shown.  Understand, these are not James Earl Jones giving me the Terrance Mann voice talk over to instill a lesson.  Oh hell no.  These are beyond horrid with actors as if this were a skit at the middle school by the administration during a fund raiser for some new chalkboard.  Oh, don’t believe me?  Let’s go one step further.  How about taking a classic movie, chopping up the audio track to make it your own, that will obviously send a message to the troops:

Nice huh ?  If you watch this, I’m dying to know what you think…use the comment link.

Go ahead and YouTube.  Someone has done a fine job of capturing many of these for YouTube.  If you think this is bad, the ones they actually got actors for to ‘play the part’ of sailors and soldiers are worse.  Heck, they very well could be real military – however, the ads are real too…real bad.  I could easily use more flagrant language to describe them, but I do try and keep it somewhat clean while blogging about Life During Duty.


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