Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 21, 2008

Happy days have arrived

Co_channel_uniform_slide001_2You have no idea how this one change will lift the spirit and the overall attitude of a Command.

If we are done work, and go to the gym, it works like this:
– Leave work, walk about a mile to change.
– Back to the center 1/2 mile
– Decide to eat, back to CLU, get in uniform.
– Want to relax, back to the CLU and change.

On Sundays, it is the worst.  Uniform again to eat, then back to relax.

Sure, life could be worse and we could be in other places.  But, we are not.  We are here.  Nothing wrong with continuous improvement.  As I have said before – just because your neighbor doesn’t have Hi-Def doesn’t mean you can’t watch it.   In military terms, this would be called ‘BZ – Bravo Zulu’ to the CO for this change.

However, in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, we make it even more special.
This change is wicked pissa !



  1. […] tonight, more on that topic coming.  Now, with the big news at the beginning of the week with the approval for the ‘relaxed uniform’, it may me start to think.  This morning I began to realize the options that […]

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