Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 22, 2008

The masses may riot soon

This could be the scene here soon My bet would be that by noon today, the ‘downtown area’ of ‘main street’ here at the base will mimic the full scale riots that have not been seen since the Rodney King disaster on the West Coast back in the early 90s.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  How could this be?  They just announced over the weekend the authorization to wear a relaxed uniform after working hours.  Shorts and a brown t-shirt or the ‘new’ Navy PTU.  People should be celebrating in the streets I thought…

I walked into the Green Beans as I do every morning, to get a coffee.  Like yesterday, there was the guy behind the counter.  Just – the guy.  Only – the guy.  One person.  You see, sometime around Sunday afternoon, the WiFi went out at the Bean.  Galley also.  We are now waking up to DAY 2 – WiFi – The Crisis.  The picture above could easily be the upcoming scene by noon today. I guess it proves they don’t populate the “Starbucks” for the java.

Seems that MWR has an issue with their router, or their pipe that feeds the router, for that portion of the base.  Down by the CLUs, the MWR building has WiFi.  I went in last night to see about making a call back home, and people were sitting on top of each other, on the floor, tables, arm rests, trashcans, boxes.  I didnt look, but I bet if I open the refridgerator door, I would have found 2 or 3 sailors in there as well.  They were all there sucking up bandwidth.  The only place to get WiFi.

Given the fact that I work in the commnunications and network area of the Base, I have a drop for the DSL.  (Thus, the blog goes on!).  Good thing.  Would hate to have the masses back home begin to riot for this blog being dormant.  Still, the WiFi is the #1 QOL (quality of life) Issue here on base.  Why would it not be.  We are in the ‘connected generation’.  Instant messaging, spcial networking, surfing.  That’s all they want.  Of course, given the fact when most of them are on line, I would say 95% of them are on either Facebook or MySpace .  I haven’t figure out that concept of that yet.  However, it makes no difference what they go on to.  If the WiFi isnt back up yet, I can see the zombies attacking soon.  That, is iLife During Duty…


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