Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 22, 2008

The premier password App coming soon

This is huge.  I got to see the desktop application when I was working at back at the Apple Store (seems like forever).  Agile Web Solutions has the ultimate password application coming to the iTunes App store.  Not in weeks or months either.  This thing is imminent.  The app itself will be availble at no cost at the outset.  I would not wait to long to grab this one, as the $ will go up.  Add to it the desktop application and your passwords are more than covered.  If you work with the military, this is the ultimate.  All passwords are the ones that have to be 15 characters long, with 2 upper, 2 lower, 2 numbers, 1 with your right hand, 1 with your left, a smiley face, and two symbols taken from the periodic table.  I can’t wait for this app.


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