Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 23, 2008

Awards Ceremony

The weekly event here at Camp. If you were to ask around, of course, “off the record”, most will tell you they hate these events. Mandatory if not on watch, one by one awards are read out, then the handshake, picture, next…

I look at this differently. It’s a good thing to take the time to recognize individual performance. Too often we go through our routine, or life in general and fail to say “thanks”. Exceptional work should be done even more so. What gets watered down is the “end of tour NAM”.

Too often people get a Navy Achievement Medal as they depart their Command just for completing the bullet. It’s the same in the corporate side. I work with engineers that think every year they should get a 5, 6, 7% pay raise for just showing up. It’s your job. But “just” doing your job does not meanthe medal at the end. At least it should not be.

There is the perception that being over here is enough alone fir a NAM. I say “why”? If a hand them out for completing 6-9 months over here, what does that say about the medal itself ?
Outstanding Superior Performance – those that go over and above; not just “worked late on Tuesdays”, but those that made a difference.

The word on the street these days is that this new Command Leadership (CO, XO) are looking at awards this way. What was once a “given” for a Navy Comm (Commodation Medal) has been seen as a NAM. In turn, NAMs are going to a Letter of Commidation. This, I believe, is a good thing. Puts more meaning behind it.

IT2 Bailey in the picture, and a well deserved NAM!



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