Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 24, 2008

Beer for Dogs

Yes, you read that correct.  Let’s face it, how much longer do we have to put up with your dog sneaking a sip when you leave the room?  It’s high time this problem is taken on, and by golly gee there is a company that has come up with a solution to this very problem we are dealing with.

Introducing Bowser Beer™

How many times have you had people over to the house only to say – “I wish we had a cold one for Rocky”, or “Pick up a 6 pack for Riley on the way over”.   Basically that is what this company – 3 Busy Dogs has created.  Their website mentions such wonderful events that can follow such as;

– Yappy Hour

– BarktOberfest

– Birthdays

I guess old Fido won’t be the designated doggie at the next family gathering now that this egregious error has finally been corrected.  However, I was wondering what the conversation was like when the company decided this was a ‘needed’ product?  Think about it.  Do we really need to give the dog a 12 pack? Like we  needed a reason for them to be going non-stop to the bathroom.  What happens when he starts to stumble down the stairs?  Eventually the whole leg-lift thing goes out the window.  Nothing like a drunk dog pee-ing on himself.  Next thing you know the paparazzi will be there taking pictures and your dog is on the front cover of National Puppyquire and all hell breaks loose. How embarrassed will you be when the dog starts ringing the bell at the neighbors house thinking it’s their place ?

Guess they didn’t think this one out too well before hand.



  1. Hey, you forgot to mention..What if your dog gets plastered and hits on the Admiral’s pooch?? Your liberty papers just got eaten by the dog!

    This is exactly why Bowser Beer IS needed. Let’s face it, dogs are going to be in the midst of parties, sports watching, and other nepherious activities. So someone had to be the responsible drinker. And you won’t have to swab any decks because it’s easy on their stomachs.

    And the pawparazzi are on to us…Bowser Beer just returned from a star-studded event at the Playboy mansion. Treat you dog right and he might take you places you never dreamed of!

    Thanks for the mention and give it a try!

    The Bowser Beer team

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