Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 25, 2008

Good news from a great friend.

Being deployed can be weary with the lack of interaction from friends and family.  Email and boxes in the mail, even a phone call now and then – can only go so far.  But all are worth it.  The surprise when you get something unexpected can carry you for the week.  It’s not alway tangible.  Sometimes just hearing about something good back home can make all the difference in the world that carries you through this time.

I mention this because I just got an email from a fellow service member.  John was one of my students when I was teaching the Leadership Classes for CNL.  A good guy.  No, great guy. He too is a father, and has been over in the Sand as well.  To say he is a proud Dad today is a understatement.  Below is the email I got from him just a few minutes ago.  It’s things like this that defines Patriotism in the youth today – something that many don’t teach – or at least try and have their children understand.  This is what makes our Country great.  

I say congrats to “Papa John” and his son Chris.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments for him here – I am sure he will appreciate it !

Thought I would share some very Proud “Papa John” news that we received this evening….

As most of you know Chris has been involved in Scouting since Tiger Cubs (roughly 10 years).  Tonight I am proud to say he has reached the pinnacle of Scouting by achieving and being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.  Statistics show that this honor is bestowed upon 1 in every 100 scouts actively participating in the program.

To say I am proud of Chris is an understatement.  Words can not even begin to express the emotions I feel…I have been blessed that I have been fortunate enough to have been by his side nearly every step of the way whether it be placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington, being accepted into the Order of the Arrow or just being on a camp out.  It has been both and honor and a privilege to work with him while being given the gift of the time we spent together on numerous camp-outs, trips and adventures. 

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is no small task.  It takes hard work, determination and great deal of dedication…Chris exemplified all of that and more….he truly lives by the Scout Oath and Scout Law….

Tonight I am proud to say MY SON IS AN EAGLE SCOUT.  

In the next few weeks we will be putting together his Eagle Court of Honor which is the pinnacle of scouting…I hope you are all able to join us….more to follow.



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