Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 26, 2008

Beer for Dogs – the Sequal

The other day I posted here on iLife During Duty a story about beer for dogs (use the beer tag to find the story).  Once again Al gore comes through with this wonderful creation of his.  Seems the owner of 3 Busy Dogs is a wonderful woman named Jenny.  She saw the post on this blog (my readership is growing!) and replied in the comment section with a continuation of the humor I began in the post.  Well worth reading if you have not.

Seems that I am not the only deployed service member over here in the sand that contacted her.  The daily news rag for us is the Stars and Stripes Newspaper.  Not bad for the most.  The inside front page had a small story on 3 Busy Dogs.  It was from here that I got my content (forgot to link it  – bad blogger).  However, glad I did the story, because this woman is really nice and I am glad I am able to offer her some free advertising.

She sent me a link that details the local news story that was done about her and her idea, that eventually became her company.  For those ever wanting their “pet rock”, this is one to watch.  I hope she does well.  I hope this blog gets her some business.  If you have a pet, as I do, you treat them well.  I’m looking forward to sharing a cold one with Rocky.  Of course, I’ll stick with the only American Beer leftSam Adams.

Add to the fact that this beer probably won’t be served at the next Code Pink rally as she not only appreciates the military – but she offer a 10% discount to military members.  Sorry moonbats – but this beer is not for you.  If oyu want more information on 3 Busy Dogs and it’s product Bowser Beer – just click on the ad on the right.


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