Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 26, 2008

Would you want to wrestle this guy ?

When you hear about UNC – The Tar Heels of North Carolina, what comes to mind ?  Exactly – basketball.  Great tradition.  Huge rivalry with Duke.  But wrestling?  Never would you think of this being the ultimate leader of the mats.  Now, I know all about the Final Four, the Frozen Four, the National Champs / Rose Bowl, World Series of College, but I have no clue as to what the Wrestling Title is.  What ever it is called, UNC has it hands down.  How do I know they will be at the White House soon for the crowning of what will ultimately be the Champions of Wrestling ?   Simple, this guy is on their squad.  Meet Long Wang. This guy, if he isn’t, needs to be named Captain right away.

Let’s face it, the announcer as every match begins against who-ever would be ” and now please welcome your own UNC Tar Heels Wresting Squad.  They are lead by their Captain, Long Wang. Look at Wang, out in front, clearing the crowd to the side as his team makes it ways through the crowd.  If I was on the other team, I would be thinking twice about wanting to cross paths with Long Wang tonight…”

Makes you want to go rent Sixteen Candles again, just for the original asian name of similiar substance.


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