Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 27, 2008

An iPhone App that is proving itself to be a ‘must have’

As you can probably guess by now, I am loving the new 2.0 software upgrade ot the iPhone.  For the record, I have had 3 ‘bricks’ to date (last night the latest).  It came when I was downloading an app using the App Store via the iPhone. Until version 2.0.1 releases (look for it in SEPT), I would refrain from using that option, get them direct from iTunes.  That said, the benefits and usefulness of 2.0 as is far outweighs the alternative of not upgrading by 100:1.  There are a few apps that I would say are a ‘must have’, and this one below is one I feel meets that label (just think, Apps could start carrying the “NavyTim approved” logo ?).

QuickVoice iP by nfinityinc allows you to very “conveniently record notes, reminders, dictations, meetings, interviews, shopping lists, to do lists, and even lectures and multi-session seminars.”  Now, full disclosure; the italicized is a direct quote from the website.  If you visit and see the same thing written here, I would be questioning if I knew about this app, or was just doing a cut-n-paste of someone’s product.  Well, from here I shall continue with my own recommendation.

As you know, I use my iPhone for blogging directly to this website.  Having the flexibility to blog on the go and upload when I am in a hot spot has made the a world of difference when it comes to providing the content for the website.  This new App from QuickVoice iP is helping this process even more.  For me, it is replacing yet another ‘tradition’ in the US Navy – the wheel book.  I know there are many that will say no need to replace a paper with a gadget; too many thing can happen etc.  These are also the same that will tell you Windows OS has the market share and every company has them, so it is best.  The basic Stockholm Syndrome of Windows users today.  Yes, it is your father’s operating system.  So how has this helped?

My screen capture of QuickVoice

My screen capture of QuickVoice

Too often I will need to make a note of something with details. As Project Manager for the Base Operations that deal with the Network, this often means specific many details and specific technical specs.  I could take 20-30 minutes trying to make sure i copy everything being said by someone.  QuickVoice iP has allowed me to capture every detail spoken. Unlike some voice recorders I have seen in use before, I don’t have to stick the iPhone into someones face to hear what is going on.  Not only has it been useful for details in meetings, but I have been using around base while talking to others about their duties here.  My sanity of this deployment actually comes from blogging.  It shares my experiences here, as well as gives others a chance to share what is happening with their families as well.  During the day, I may think of something I need at the exchange – make a voice note.

The application right now comes with a free license for the desktop application which is a savings of $25.  That’s 5 coffees here at the Green Beans!  Now presently the two don’t sync, but the company is in the final stages of this new upgrade on the desktop app.  I am one of the lucky few as a beta tester and so far I am impressed.  When the final version gets pushed, this is a slam dunk for a ‘must have’ on the iPhone.  Having voice notes go from the iPhone, to the Mac, then to iTunes – the results are limitless.  But then again, that’s what happens when you have Mac – you entire digital life is under constant improvement.

Given the fact that this company makes a product that actually works as advertised, I may look into their application for audio postcards next.  Seems like the perfect fit for someone in the sand, all part of iLife During Duty…


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