Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 28, 2008

The Navy Exchange doesn’t like The Navy Federal Credit Union

I know, the title does not make sense.  I agree, fully. How can the Navy Exchange not like it’s own Credit Union ?  Just the fact the the word Navy is in the title should give it top billing for services right?  Nope, not the case.

Understand, you can use a Navy Federal (NFCU) Visa debit card for purchases here at the Exchange.  No problem there.  Order gets run up, slide the card in-and-out of the handy reader and sign*. As long as you are using it as a credit card, no problem.  However, the Navy Exchange system here, according to the staff, does not accept the NFCU card to be used a debit card; thus no cash back.  Need something for $2?  Charge it.  Need a few dollars for a coffee however?  Go get in line with Disbursing a write a check. How in the world can the Navy Credit Union not have their own debit cards work at a Navy Base?  I can only imagine the replies to this one.  For what ever reason it is, it should be an option.  If this is the case, then why do they let me make purchases with American Currency, something should be done about this error ASAP !

* NOTE: As a side note to this story; why are the “pens” that we are supposed to use to sign our name on the card reader always connected to a wire that is 2 ” long?  First off, it’s a stylus.  Same thing the the Nintendo DS uses.  It’s not a ‘pen’.  I understand it is wired so they are not lost, or stolen (big market in hot stylus’s) – but can they make the leash a bit longer perhaps ?  I highly doubt someone is going to use it as a weapon on the clerk behind the counter.

Then again, hari-kari might be an option once they find out they have to write a check somewhere else to get $2.



  1. Any debit card can be used as long as it has the CC logo. Debit is an option on that type of card and a better one for the business. I think the issue is that the NEX does not utilize the cash back option in general. Keep in mind, NFCU and NEX are not affiliated.

  2. Note: The NEX here does allow cash back with a visa/mc debit card. The cash back option does not work with a NFCU account. As far as ‘affiliation’, if it is Navy…they are, one way or another. We have a bank, Navy Fed. We have a store, NEX. Those are the options, and the debit card is not an option. NavyTim

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