Posted by: Chief NavyTim | July 31, 2008

Saving on shampoo

Call it the Calm Before the Storm. Best estimate is that we are within 48 hours of having the E-7 Chief Selection Board results released for the US Navy Active Duty side. The Reserves came out last month, and until the AD gets released, nothing really happens with the Reservists here. That will soon change.

Sometime Saturday (yes, rumor central is on High Alert right now), the results will be public here. This would coincide with a Friday evening on the East Coast. Once this happens, the games begin.

Ok, fir the “record” it is no longer “games”. Initiation has been replaced with Induction. No longer are the ‘hazing’ type of activities the norm for the new Chiefs. Classroom, lessons, instruction. However, the is so fun to be had. Thus, there is still a game present in a way.

The transfer of knowledge, direction, understanding your people is something that can not be stressed enough. Those that remember that, those that ‘get it’, in my eyes, will be a great asset to a Chief’s Mess. With that in mind, everything that will happen over the next 6 weeks to get to the Pinning on SEP16 will have that mindset behind the tasks and challenges.

Given that my time, all my time, will be between the Mission (the multiple jobs I am overseeing) and The Induction. Cut it short now while I have the chance. The bonus; it saves on shampoo. Those little sample size bottles from the Marriot? That will last a month!



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