Posted by: Chief NavyTim | August 2, 2008

I bought a goat.

Yes, and what a bargain for only $30!  Seriously, only $30.  I know, why didn’t I buy 6?  Here is the deal;  A group of us went out this past FRI morning to a local village for some ‘good will’.  A number of us collected money, and with the money we purchased from a local vendor: 18 goats, several bags of rice, and shoes for the villagers, with some toys for the children.

To say we were met as if we were Santa on Christmas day would be an understatement.  Included here are some of the pictures from this morning’s event.  No one should ever complain about living in America, ever.



  1. That is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Hey, you know, I do sort of have a newspaper at my command here…next time you want to do a trip like this, let me know…and let me print a picture or two of your last trip with a plug and we can probably collect up some “goat money” for you. I’d love to know we helped buy a goat or two and some shoes and toys.

    BTW, I bought two nigerian dwarf goats a few months back for $20. each. Not a bad deal for Florida. 🙂

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