Posted by: Chief NavyTim | August 2, 2008

The effects of the Selecton Board Results

The dust has settled. the list has been published, and there are emotions from both end of the spectrum. Sometime around 2000 local time here, the word got out that BOL had the results posted in the individual’s advancement area. BOL is “Bupers on-line” Yes, another Military Acronym. Add to it BUPERS, Bureau of Personnel. Home of all things, records. Once the word got out, it was a mad scramble for the bandwidth on base.

Fast forward to this morning and I can tell you that there were many people shocked that ‘they did not make it’. There was an overall perception that the published list was the just an event. Might as well just move right to the pinning ceromony, for there were a ‘definate’. I feel sorry for them. It is a tough thing to have the list come out and you are not on it. Thus begins another year of waiting, another period of anticipation, another rush to the web for the numbers and how many quotas. Oh yes, and another exam to study for.

From what I am seeing there is are a few things that is happening with the selection process;

1. I/A’s are good, if they are hard; Yes, the ‘instruction’ says that consideration has to be given to those who are on one, or those who have been on one. However, it also mentions a tough assignment. Being in the sand and not having a difficult job with your rate does not separate you.

2. I/A’s are not as powerful; A few years back, your would ‘break out’, or stand out, with having served an I/A, whether it was voluntary or mandated. However, so many have been on I/A now, some 2 or 3, that it is becoming the norm. Those that dont have one are in one pile, those that do are another. Problem is, the pile of those that do, is 3 times to size it was 3 years ago.

3. Break out; what is it that seperates you from everyone else? You could very well be number one here. But are you number one when it comes to the others that the Board look at.

4. Sailorization; this is the bottom line for many, and they just don’t get it. Is your job, or your collateral duty on top of your job, really effecting other sailor’s lives? Are you making a watch bill, or overseeing the training of junior personnel with concrete tangible evidence ?

5. The numbers; I hear many saying “20/25%” means 1/4 chances, I am definately in! That logic means that 3/4 are not in. Again, don’t leave them with any chance of not putting you in the top.

I had two really great Senior Chiefs, and one super Chief (now a Senior). they all ensured that I was able to understand and comprehend not only what the board was looking for, but to ensure that I understood what it meant to move into the Khaki Realm of the Mess. Even one of them said, ‘they don’t always get it right, but believe me, with the process, the screening, and the scutiny, they damn near get it right everytime’.

With that in mind, I say Congrats to those that got selected and are here at Camp with me. Now I have at least a few more who will soon have no life, like myself once the Induction Period begins. If you know someone who made it, feel free to leave a comment. I will ensure they see it!


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