Posted by: Chief NavyTim | September 18, 2008

The Blog returns – from a Chief’s View…

…and life returns.  Thanks for all the patience while I was a “bit” busy these last 6 weeks.  Over the next few days I will work on sharing what I can share about the induction season.  Of course,  I will be back sharing all the fun and excitement here in the vacation mecca of the African land.

Sleep is overated when you feel this good!

Sleep is over-rated when you feel this good!

For now – let me say Congrats to the “Hottest” CPO Selects from the Class of 115, FY 09.  Some have already left and I miss them already! (the picture above links to the Ceremony Album)

So hats off and “Navy Chief, Navy Pride” to;

Mike, Jeff, Kevin, Charlotte, Alicia, Chris, Tim, Walker, and Joe!



  1. Outstanding group! Welcome to the Mess!

  2. Tim, Proud of what you have accomplished!

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