Posted by: Chief NavyTim | September 22, 2008

Scientists are still unsure

We are still waiting for results, but word is that scientists back home are completely dumbfounded as to what this liquid is that is shown in the picture. It can be found in any of the heads here down in CLUville.

It has the texture of Slime. Not just any slime, but the green goo from the toy store in the 70’s (yes, I am dating myself). However, that stuff was cool. Gooey, green, could last for hours of fun, no batteries, and no need for a wi-fi hot spot.

Although when mixed with water, you get “soap”. Call it simulated bubbles.

Until we get word from the tests, buy stock in Purel. In fact, feel free to send some to anyone deployed here. They will thank you later.



  1. Time to call the Ghostbusters!

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