Posted by: Chief NavyTim | September 26, 2008

Scott Stapp live tonight

Yes. You heard right. Scott Stapp. I can’t believe it either. Here tonight. In Djibouti. (who?)

I was clueless to this one. Seems he was the lead singer for Creed. Now that band I had heard of, or could bane one song.

However, it is Friday night at Camp Lemonier. It’s a movie in the CLU, surf the web, gym, or… did I say watch a movie yet? So it is a “big deal” having a live concert at the Elementary School Gym building called 11 Degrees North. Think back to when there was a dance after school in the sixth grade. Worse was it was a band of HS kids playing the music. All the chairs are folded up on the side walls against the fold-a-way bleachers. Gym mats piled in the corner and the “clicks” all grouped togethertlaking waiting for someone to start dancing. If you can picture that – then you have 11 Degrees North.

I guess your solo career has taken off when you end up playing here. Ok /sarc off (nice coding reference). Thanks for still remembering there are troops deployed everywhere in support of Freedom.


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