Posted by: Chief NavyTim | October 15, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Yes, they are ruining my winta.  On top of that, many here on base are enjoying the demise of the Dominance of the Boston landscape as we speak.  For Mark, Barry and John, here are some thoughts from overseas.  No leaves have changed yet, still looking (then again, its almost 120 at noon still).  Let’s look into this perfect storm of events for the fall of 2008:


– How come we get in trouble for picking on the handicapped (oh, sorry, the “fill-in-the-bank” challenged), but it is free reign to unload on the Pats.  Obvisously not the sameteam without Brady.  However, teams are reviling on the vicotries they will be piling up.  Tell me the entire league did not breath a cheer or two when he went down.  No one team has stepped up and dominated they way the Pats can / have.

– Rohan Davies, Michael Bishop, Doug Flutie, hell you can have Nick Loiselle, and we would be better off.  I’m over here in the Sand, and I can find receivers more open than Matt Cassel.  Anyone of the above is an option right now, or take a high draft pick next April.  End of story.  Oh, never heard of XXX, he is presently QB for Lowell Catholic High School.  He went  8-for-17, 263 yards in a game against Cathedral.


– OK, let’s just say at the outset that Tampa Bay should not be a surprise to anyone.  From the outset, this team had youth, desire, tired of losing and pitching.  Sound familiar ?  Granted, they haven’t had decades of despair…

– As bad at the potential of looking at having to wait longer for another Championship in Boston (we ARE at 4 months now), I would love to be listening in to the ad pitch to sponsors from FOX.  Philly vs. Rays.  8:37pm first pitch.  Considering that the Tampa market eats the Early-Bird Dinner special at 3pm, who they hell are they going to market to?  If they did, is this going to be a WS sponsored by Depends?

– Tek, Wake, Coco, Timlin; great, thanks, but they will not be around.  I know all about Tek, the Captain, no-one-can-catch, pitchers love him; I give you: Damien Woody, Asante’ Samuel, Ty Law, some Super Bowl MVP in Seattle…get the point.


– I notice that the ‘gloom and doom’, peril, etc with the financial woes are being used as an excuse in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts again.  This time, with Question 1 to eliminate the State Tax.  Of course, the first thing to be cut – teachers and cops.  As always, it’s for the children.  How about chopping some of Cadillac Deval’s staff, or his salary, or the per Diem abuse from the Hill?  Shouldn’t we be ‘spreading the wealth’ as it is ‘good for all’?

-Socialism is coming…and the MM is doing nothing to report it.

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