Posted by: Chief NavyTim | October 17, 2008

Is anyone surprised yet ?

Down 3-1? “sure”. 

Down 7-0 by the 7th? “gotcha”

It was mentioned often during the Comeback-of-all-Comebacks that many in the stands left.  That was not only a turning point, but a key component of the win.  See, those that left were the Corporate A*** that invade the park during the big games  It left the real members of RSN.  Those that don’t need a ‘card’ to show membership.

Or those that get up at 3 am to catch the game.

So – for those of you who enjoyed the beating the Nation took during games 2-4, how are you feeling now ?



  1. I am a Rays fan. When I saw Wheeler with sweat on his brown and a nervous twitch at the corner of his mouth I was yelling at the TV, TAKE HIM OUT!!!

    If I would have had a cat, I’da kicked it.

    Well, at least we can win the whole thing in our home park this way.

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