Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 6, 2008

Things are out of control here…

I had every intention of writing about the sunshine showing right now.  Hey, after the last few days that have caused this:


it would be easy to talk about the flooded CLU’s, the offices still drying out, damage to this and that… but no, the Galley has decided to ensure they got the full brunt of the blog today.

What has commonly known as “Taco Tuesday’s” here has quietly become chaos, and it appears that not only is it out of control, but there is no stopping this train wreck.  Let me give you some background;  when one checks on board here at Camp Lemonier, you get the standard ‘indoc’.  Here is Dispersing; cash checks, your your cash/francs – here is Medical where the rating HM stands for Have Motrin – here is the Exchange; you will visit twice a day even if you have nothing to buy, nut check to see what has moved on what shelf.  Shopping Therapy 101.  Oh, and most important; Taco Tuesday.  It is how EVERYONE counts there time left here.  We all know what our # is, mine is 30 – how many Taco Tuesdays I have to endure before I go home.

You see, it is a nightmare dinner line.  You can wait up to 20 minutes.  For Tacos.  I know what you just read.  It’s true.  It’s not that these are the greatest Taco’s in the world.  But people take their time ‘building’ there taco one by one.  Some get 3 or 4 at once.  No problem.  But get all the crap you want in it and make it AT YOUR TABLE !!!  No, they get the taco, then the meat, then the diced tomato, the jalapeno, the sauce, the cheese, oh-oh, back up, olives – lettuce.

Now, we have a major problem.  What was TT, somewhere moved into Monday at lunch.  Makes you wonder if Tuesday is now a LTT (Leftover Taco Tuesday).  So, one time, we were able to ‘adjust’.  Today I draw the line, and the entire Chain of Command, Pentagon, you name it, needs to get involved.  I just witnessed TACO THURSDAY at the lunch line.  Now we have THREE days of these menus.  Again, they are not that good to begin with.  However, but 1800 tonite the troops will be walking zombies when they realize they can no count on Tuesday.  Worst, my number just went to 90.  Start writing your Congressman today, we need help!



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