Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 17, 2008

Golfing in the Desert

Yes.  You read it correctly.  Pictures below show you our effort to keep our sanity here while deployed.  Djibouti has a golf course.  18 holes in fact.  Now, before you go and think ‘it’s all one sand trap’, think again.

  • the greens are more black / hard sand
  • the fairway has grass.  we saw some that is.  either that, or a patch of weeds
  • they have a driving range.  the markers are old tires
  • we had caddies – they got 1000 DJ ($6 each).  They were more excited over the case of water we gave them than the money
  • we were slowed down on the second hole.  the goats were in the way on the fairway
  • the clubhouse listed beer – but – we teed off at 0840.  Had to work that afternoon, (rain check).
  • they only had rightie clubs.  being a lefty was a disadvantage.  However, even one of my balls were used once (best ball format)
  • let’s face it – this is more of a photo op than it was a sport

Enjoy the pictures below.  Chris, Vince and the rest of the Marines hanging with the Chief…


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