Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s 125 Degrees today

Turkey. Football. Family. Friends. A good bottle of wine. Snow?

Well, some those things will be lacking today, however, it’s not what we don’t have that but what we do have during this holiday season. It “officially” begins tomorrow at 0500 EST when the Black Friday shopping event opens it’s door to the madness. (Good luck ML – I know you will there!).

The real meaning of this time should not forget what we do have. I am here with my “extended family. Brothers and Sisters of the 4 branches of the Armed Services. Each and everyone thankful for the love, caring and support that is back home for us. Our daily mission in life is to return safely back to them. In order for any one to do that, we must operate together to ensure that happens here.

Enjoy the day. We actually have it off. Huge meal planed. 100 turkeys ready to eat this afternoon. A huge screen for the football games this evening. A chance to relax, just for moment.

For those at home, you will do the same, just with a little more of the items mentioned above. But you can do all of it because of this:

The Armed Services are still on guard. While today happens for many, you rest assure that;

– the Marines are the post at the gates, always at the ready.
– the Navy is manned at the radar and Comms providing the network
– the Army is patrolling in areas you would never think of visiting
– the Air Force is above, and in an instant can reach out and touch you.

To my friends, family, and fellow service members; God Speed to you all and Happy Thanksgiving.



The Thanksgiving Feast - setting up

The Thanksgiving Feast - setting up


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