Posted by: Chief NavyTim | December 2, 2008

Malaria Mondays…

Welcome to DEC.  “Holy Calendar-Page-Flipping Batman”, where the %$^&** did the time go?  Oh, never mind, it’s the first of many Mondays this week.  Bill Murray had it right in Groundhog Day.  We just live it here everyday.  Let’s face it, Taco Tuesday has invaded every menu, everything is served with rice, and then the weather report; sun, and highs in the 120s.  Daily.

One other bonus we get is the weekly bonus of taking malaria medicine.  Without it, life can take a turn for the worst.  The mosquitoes are pretty nasty at night.  OFF helps, and some have taken to wearing sweatpants even thought it gets to the low 80s, maybe high 70s at night, but worn for protection more so than `cold`.  The medicine keeps the malaria away (95% effective).  Being in the final 5% sucks,  oh well.  The side effects:

  • bathroom – you go like you were pregnant
  • dreams – every night is like Pink Floyd the Wall
  • irregularity – sorry, you figure it out

Now, for those who really want to kick-it up a notch, then take the medicine with 1/2 bottle of Nyquil (not necessarily endorsed my 4/5 doctors mind you).  Trust me – you will have dreams like this below.



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