Posted by: Chief NavyTim | December 8, 2008

Duty, Honor, Country; Shutout

The big event this weekend took place Saturday night.  “The Game”, Army vs Navy.  Karen and the Crew with MWR did it up right again.  Big screen outside, speakers, food at 11 Degrees North.  Now, what can be said following the game:

– Earlier in the day the Army beat the Navy in flag football here.  The First Annual “Djibouti Bowl”.  9-6.  I won’t go into too much detail, as I am sure you already watched the coverage on ESPN.  There must had been 500 reporters on the sideline easily.

– The Army did win one category – commercial.  Not sure if it was shown at home, but it was classic. see below.

– How much money did the Army spend on those uniforms.  Cammie for the helmet, numbers and pants?  Nice job! ; and effective!  Hey, even the end zone could not find them.

– Look at it this way, no matter how low they felt after the game, the Army was still having a better day then OJ Simpson.

– One Soldier took on for the team – head / chest shaving below:


  1. OK, that’s long enough – where are you??

    • Cue the AC/DC music – it’s still hot here, and the heat flag matches; I’m back in black brother…

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