Posted by: Chief NavyTim | March 3, 2009

OK – I’m back…

Full disclosure; Next SAT I hit the all important #.   Sure, my last post was back NOV, and along that time a lot has happened;

– Got R&R for Christmas back in Titletown with my Family.

– A number of awesome Rugby games with the 9th PSC.

– More work with the network here after the entire Middle East front got hit with 2000+ instances of a virus

– Spring Training began for the Sox

– Paul Harvey, a Great American passed away

– and our family bud, Rocky, 3 yo dog had to be put to sleep.

So why is SAT so big.  100 days left in Africa.  That means that some SUN – I am in double digits.  99.  Go ahead, say it again – 99.  Nice ring to it.  Understand that also, going home for 15 days was the best thing I have had in a long time.  Celtics game with my son, a Bruins game with my brother-in-law, the First Lady’s awesome food, a martini or 3, the great gang at the Apple Store…get the point?

Coming back here has been tough after tasting life back home again.

However, this weekend made me realize that it is coming to an end here – so, time to get back to being a wise ass on the blog, and giving others a different view of iLife During Duty.


  1. How the East will finish this year 🙂 Rays by 3 games over the Sox!

    1. Tampa Bay
    2. Boston
    3. Toronto
    4. New York
    5. Baltimore

    • Odd that it is, I can see a battle for 95 wins between the top two. I am looking forward to seeing how the kid does his Sophomore year pitching for the Rays.

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