Posted by: Chief NavyTim | May 14, 2009

It’s good to Laugh every now and then

Hey thanks to the Comedy Tour form Armed Forces I now know where Djibouti is located – just south of Djiballs (nice one Bryan). We have a had a number of acts during this tour of duty for me here. Hinder, Scott Stapp, American Gladiators. We have had more name cancel due to last minute flight issues, etc. Although, I still say the tour stop of Kid Rock and Kelly Pickler (definitely wanted that one) was more or less Kid Rock realizing he maxed out any community service hours he had with his last stop. This latest tour was actually delayed a day, as they got stuck in Bahrain. Vice canceling, they jumped on a commercial flight and made it out.

Spending ungodly work hours, walking 2 miles+ a day in 135 degree heat that feels like a convection oven, and sucking life with little to no bandwidth on the public wifi (the Beautiful People and offices suck up the bandwidth before it gets to the troops) – life can be mundane. I won’t even get to mentioning the First Lady, family, drive-thru junk food, and commercials, won’t go there. That would be like talking about getting up at 0200 to listen to a Game 7 playoffs, but I digress.

The chance to sit back and laugh, actually howl out loud felt good. Don Barnhart, Slade Ham, and Bryan Bruner brought the house down off 11D North, at least it felt like it. And for that, we thank you for your time…


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