About Me

19 year Navy Veteran called back to Active Duty in support of OEF/OIF.  Blogging about the deployment via the iPhone for friends, family and all to see life during duty.

Basic computer geek.  A Systems Engineer and a Mac Specialist at the Apple Store.

I hail from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and do the best I can tolerating the Moonbats in the State.  It’s a challenge.

Family first. Huge sports fan of the Boston Teams.  “Fever Pitch” should have included me in the by-line.

My email address

This is Mii:


  1. Hey Tim!
    Whats happen man! Thought i’d drop by and say hello. Its been almost two months sense we left Ft. Jackson. Hope all is well over there. I’m headed to balad in Dec. Take care and I’ll talk to you later!


  2. Hey Tim!
    Great pics – thanks for all the updates and all you do. You rock you Mac geek!


  3. Hi Chief,

    It’s been a while. How goes it out there in DJ? I’m happy to be back after enduring 140F heat out there this summer. Keep cool


  4. Tim,

    Here’s wishing you a slightly belated Merry Christmas, but also a very Happy New Year!

    Thanks to you and everyone else there for the work you do, and keep up that iPhone bloggin’! (when you have time, of course 🙂 )

    By the way, thinking about your summers there keeps me from complaining about the foot of snow I shoveled off the driveway and sidewalk today. All in perspective, all in perspective…


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