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Proof that we are not all Moonbats in MA

Who knew? I know, hard to fathom the fact that not all in MA are leaning toward the Chivas Compound in Hyanis. Got the word from a friend that not only are there Republics still alive and well in the People’s Republic of MA – but there is a real live and active group that still believes it is the Government that works for us, not the other way.

As I have always believed and felt when it comes to this sort of stuff:
– Leave my Constitution alone.
– Leave my paycheck alone.
– Protect the borders
– If you want to be in America, it should be to be an American – not to just be here and get the benefits of the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Brave

Feel free to visit the home of the CRTC and let them know we are not alone.

Find them here:

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | March 11, 2009

Brothers – we have a new member to welcome

Welcome the new "Chief"

Welcome the new "Chief"

To all my Brothers and Sisters in the Mess:

Seems we have a new Chief in the Mess, and the board hasn’t even convened this year. I am asking all to please welcome him. Many of you used to know him as MA1 Brandon Miller – but his anchors are already in his drawer. Seems we can bypass the process and get right to the pinning. I will be more than happy to email you his work email address if you send me your email to “tim at navytim dot com” as I am sure all of us in the Mess would like to wish him a big welcome.

As a bonus, you will get to have the email chain from his account that went out today letting all know that he is a Chief (never mind the fact he failed to lock his computer on my network)

Enjoy it fellow Chief’s – and help us welcome Brandon.

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | March 3, 2009

OK – I’m back…

Full disclosure; Next SAT I hit the all important #.   Sure, my last post was back NOV, and along that time a lot has happened;

– Got R&R for Christmas back in Titletown with my Family.

– A number of awesome Rugby games with the 9th PSC.

– More work with the network here after the entire Middle East front got hit with 2000+ instances of a virus

– Spring Training began for the Sox

– Paul Harvey, a Great American passed away

– and our family bud, Rocky, 3 yo dog had to be put to sleep.

So why is SAT so big.  100 days left in Africa.  That means that some SUN – I am in double digits.  99.  Go ahead, say it again – 99.  Nice ring to it.  Understand that also, going home for 15 days was the best thing I have had in a long time.  Celtics game with my son, a Bruins game with my brother-in-law, the First Lady’s awesome food, a martini or 3, the great gang at the Apple Store…get the point?

Coming back here has been tough after tasting life back home again.

However, this weekend made me realize that it is coming to an end here – so, time to get back to being a wise ass on the blog, and giving others a different view of iLife During Duty.

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | December 8, 2008

Duty, Honor, Country; Shutout

The big event this weekend took place Saturday night.  “The Game”, Army vs Navy.  Karen and the Crew with MWR did it up right again.  Big screen outside, speakers, food at 11 Degrees North.  Now, what can be said following the game:

– Earlier in the day the Army beat the Navy in flag football here.  The First Annual “Djibouti Bowl”.  9-6.  I won’t go into too much detail, as I am sure you already watched the coverage on ESPN.  There must had been 500 reporters on the sideline easily.

– The Army did win one category – commercial.  Not sure if it was shown at home, but it was classic. see below.

– How much money did the Army spend on those uniforms.  Cammie for the helmet, numbers and pants?  Nice job! ; and effective!  Hey, even the end zone could not find them.

– Look at it this way, no matter how low they felt after the game, the Army was still having a better day then OJ Simpson.

– One Soldier took on for the team – head / chest shaving below:

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | December 2, 2008

Malaria Mondays…

Welcome to DEC.  “Holy Calendar-Page-Flipping Batman”, where the %$^&** did the time go?  Oh, never mind, it’s the first of many Mondays this week.  Bill Murray had it right in Groundhog Day.  We just live it here everyday.  Let’s face it, Taco Tuesday has invaded every menu, everything is served with rice, and then the weather report; sun, and highs in the 120s.  Daily.

One other bonus we get is the weekly bonus of taking malaria medicine.  Without it, life can take a turn for the worst.  The mosquitoes are pretty nasty at night.  OFF helps, and some have taken to wearing sweatpants even thought it gets to the low 80s, maybe high 70s at night, but worn for protection more so than `cold`.  The medicine keeps the malaria away (95% effective).  Being in the final 5% sucks,  oh well.  The side effects:

  • bathroom – you go like you were pregnant
  • dreams – every night is like Pink Floyd the Wall
  • irregularity – sorry, you figure it out

Now, for those who really want to kick-it up a notch, then take the medicine with 1/2 bottle of Nyquil (not necessarily endorsed my 4/5 doctors mind you).  Trust me – you will have dreams like this below.


Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving – The Sequal

Just a few pictures from the fest yesterday. The gingerbread houses were unreal. Great job by the crew.

The only thing missing was the warm turkey sandwich with mayo, lettuce, fresh bread and a Sam Adams about four to five hours later.

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s 125 Degrees today

Turkey. Football. Family. Friends. A good bottle of wine. Snow?

Well, some those things will be lacking today, however, it’s not what we don’t have that but what we do have during this holiday season. It “officially” begins tomorrow at 0500 EST when the Black Friday shopping event opens it’s door to the madness. (Good luck ML – I know you will there!).

The real meaning of this time should not forget what we do have. I am here with my “extended family. Brothers and Sisters of the 4 branches of the Armed Services. Each and everyone thankful for the love, caring and support that is back home for us. Our daily mission in life is to return safely back to them. In order for any one to do that, we must operate together to ensure that happens here.

Enjoy the day. We actually have it off. Huge meal planed. 100 turkeys ready to eat this afternoon. A huge screen for the football games this evening. A chance to relax, just for moment.

For those at home, you will do the same, just with a little more of the items mentioned above. But you can do all of it because of this:

The Armed Services are still on guard. While today happens for many, you rest assure that;

– the Marines are the post at the gates, always at the ready.
– the Navy is manned at the radar and Comms providing the network
– the Army is patrolling in areas you would never think of visiting
– the Air Force is above, and in an instant can reach out and touch you.

To my friends, family, and fellow service members; God Speed to you all and Happy Thanksgiving.



The Thanksgiving Feast - setting up

The Thanksgiving Feast - setting up

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 23, 2008

The Lion King Returns

Sunday night and it’s a combo event here. Big division game with the Fish and the Pats. Right now Cassel just hit Moss on a great pass before he was in the spot to take a 24-21 lead. Damn turnovers in the first half as the Pats have really controlled the game.

So why the combo ? Well, my counter part from The People’s Republic of Mass; Jeff, has returned from Tanzania. Had dinner with him tonight. Got to listen about his arduous duty of rock climbing with snakes. Of course it was with no venom aid for miles around. CVS has a while before they open a corner branch out here in the desert.

More pictures to see from his trip, but as always – I have the latest from his trip to share (call it a NavyTim exclusive)! He went on a safari and it had been weeks since a lion had been seen. Well, see below. I was able to talk him into giving me the close up photo he took.

Of course, I must share with my readers: (welcome back my friend):

Posted by: Chief NavyTim | November 19, 2008

Lord – Oh The Flies

Before you start bombarding my in-box on my email with “you have butchered the title of one of the greatest movies of all time – how dare you” – I give you this full disclosure;  I never read JRR Tolkien.  I never saw any of the hobbitt, troll, inner world movies.  I burned a copy of the first trilogy* but it did not take, so maybe I will get to it.  So, for all of you groupies, trollies, or what-ever you call yourself, get over it.

Now, on to the heart of the matter.  Someone told me a while back about DJ.  The summers are wicked hot (well, they say really hot.  I just modified it being from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts).  However, said person continued, the winters will drive you crazy with the flies.  Huh?  That makes no sense.  Until you are here…

I’m thinking winters like back home.  Forgot that it is 125 on NOV 19th.  We must have had a frost that I missed some morning, and this must be an Indian Summer, just extended.  Flies are everywhere in the day time.  Seriously.  It’s like the picnic area at Canobie Lake Park on a full time basis.  We have a score sheet in the office of how many of these little buggers have gotten a free dirt nap.  18 since Monday.


Understand we are loaded here for total war.  M-16s, M-9, grenades, RPGs, BFG-1000, the EMF-50, tanks, and something with a flux-capacitor with a red laser thing that can also be used during Power-Point displays.  We have it all.  AND WE NEED HELP!!!!  The other day I said to send old, used golf equipment. That was for morale boosting.  WE NEED SWATTERS !!!  Send now.  Do not delay.  We need to be armed and at the ready 24/7 for this assault.  We are being swamped by these little guys.


Now, understand that I can not post a blog about flies and not reference the best fly-role ever by one of the least appreciated actors of our generation.  Forget the nerdiness of Jurassic Park, who else could think of sneezing and virus to save the world on the 4th of July ?  Still, an all time classic (no sequel please) – was The Fly.  He is Jeff Goldblum.


*NOTE:  Copying movies is illegal.  I do not advocate copying movies, which I did not do.  I merely have created an off-site back-up storage facility for Blockbuster in the event the store burns down.  This way, I can assist with redundancy, they can open back up, the employees begin working again, their paychecks are taxed to the limit, and the social programs can continue forward.  It’s like a tax by the Kennedy’s ; it’s for the children.

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Golfing in the Desert

Yes.  You read it correctly.  Pictures below show you our effort to keep our sanity here while deployed.  Djibouti has a golf course.  18 holes in fact.  Now, before you go and think ‘it’s all one sand trap’, think again.

  • the greens are more black / hard sand
  • the fairway has grass.  we saw some that is.  either that, or a patch of weeds
  • they have a driving range.  the markers are old tires
  • we had caddies – they got 1000 DJ ($6 each).  They were more excited over the case of water we gave them than the money
  • we were slowed down on the second hole.  the goats were in the way on the fairway
  • the clubhouse listed beer – but – we teed off at 0840.  Had to work that afternoon, (rain check).
  • they only had rightie clubs.  being a lefty was a disadvantage.  However, even one of my balls were used once (best ball format)
  • let’s face it – this is more of a photo op than it was a sport

Enjoy the pictures below.  Chris, Vince and the rest of the Marines hanging with the Chief…

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